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"This addon allows you select back side of a mesh without enabling X-Ray or Wireframe mode. So, you don't have to press Alt+Z or switch the modes every time you want to include rear geometry(points, edges, faces) into your selection. And this saves a lot of time and clicks! It works very similar to Modo style selection: left mouse button (LMB) - selects front geometry, RMB - selects front+rear geometry. You can assign MMB instead of RMB also.

There are two modes: Rectangle Selection and Lasso. You can switch between them by clicking the icon at the screen or assign a shortcut. "

After installation you have to adjust some settings for your right mouse button(RMB).

You'll see the following area inside of the addon:

Release Notes


* Added the ability to change the position of the icon


* Fixed issue with saving hotkeys after restart


* Installation is greatly improved. It is much easier to install the addon now

* Fixed the issue with loading config if Blender was closed when BO was installed selection mode on box

* Fixed the issue with re-configuration hotkeys after restart

* Now the addon consists of 1 file instead of 3

* Added the ability to set and change hotkeys inside of the addon properties


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